Sunday, October 30, 2011

“Sometimes you may have to go through doors where only one person will fit.”

There's only one me. 
Only one Tabatha Beiser in this entire world (or Tabatha Schmabatha, for that matter). God has created a plan for my life that is specific and unique. No one else has it. No one else can claim it but me. 
I may sometimes get off track or distracted, but His plans and promises won't change. 
The path I'm walking and the places I'm going aren't going to look like anyone else's paths or places, because this plan that God has made for me... no one else has lived it out. 
I'm the only one who gets to do it. 
So when I say that "God has a plan for my life", or "God has a plan for your life", you have to realize that no one else has that plan but me, or you. 
There's only one you. There's only one me. That's it. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I have always respected Jason Upton. It was never about his vocal accuracy or being on point musically for him. Those are all things people aim for and I believe sometimes over-aim. Sure, there needs to be an even level, I understand. But that aside, I've respected that he's always had this intense, noticeable heart cry in all his songs. You just KNOW he's worshipping. You know he's in the presence of God. It's so evident in his voice, in his songs...

Listen to this:

It's blowing my mind. I know what you're thinking, but it really is.
Get to around like 4:50. Go ahead. It's kinda creepy, I know. BUT you know that synth-y noise? Or the 3 part harmony? Or the choir?
Jason Upton was the ONLY one who's microphone was on and being recorded vocally. ALL of those voices came only from his mic, too. Everyone that night heard those voices singing.
There was a kid in the audience who said he saw an angel singing behind Jason Upton. They weren't sure if they were being recorded or not.
It was.
Dude. Angels? Recorded? Brings me chills. Give it a chance.

And I'm probably like 500 years behind on this, but still...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Smile. You're beautiful.

The other day was pretty rough. Nothing majorly wrong happened, it was just a day where I was going nonstop with crazy work! Plus it was dark and grey out, raining everywhere. I ran to the library and as I was heading inside I saw one of my friends on stage playing acoustic guitar. 
I love acoustic guitar. 
I walked over to say hi and he said hello. We’re not that close, but close enough. We’ve had good conversations here and there. I consider him a friend and only that. After a minute or so of him plucking the strings and tuning every now and again and he looked up at me and said: “You know, I don’t know if you’ve heard it lately or in general, but you’re beautiful.”
“What?” I replied. 
“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was watching you play piano in chapel this morning and it just hit me and I thought to myself: ‘Wow, she’s gorgeous.’”
I said thank you as he jokingly began hitting chords and making up a song with my name in it. I don’t take that the wrong way. I know we’re just friends, and he’s definitely the kind of friend that can get away saying stuff like that. It brought a ray of sunshine through my literally cloudy and rainy day. 
So, I don’t know if anyone’s told you this lately,
but you’re beautiful.
Like gorgeous, amazing, talented, awesome and specifically created to be you.  
Don’t take this as flattery. I'm being honest. 
You’re beautiful. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Do something.

Have you ever heard God scream?
I have. 
In Malawi, Africa. Every morning when I heard the Africans crying out in blinded deception I heard God scream. I looked at His tear-stained face and saw the very image of pain and agony. 
"Shouldn't your heart break for these people?" He said to me. 

Have you ever heard God scream?
I have.
When I was in Cairo, Egypt.
Where 98% of the 25 million people there are Muslim. Where all of those people then, fasted in order to obtain peace approval from something that wasn't real. 
As someone in the city explained how much closer they felt to their god after fasting I heard the voice of God cry out in pain. He was screaming and weeping. 

Have you ever heard God cry?
I did. 
Today in chapel. I was reminded of how His heart breaks for theirs. Tears flowed down my cheeks and I felt a knot tie itself in the center of my heart as God whispered to me: "Cry for my people, and what you feel will be only a fraction of what is in my heart."
How easily we forget God's heart. 
I can hear the call to go so loudly, it aggravates me to see that some people doubt their presence on a simple missions trip. It aggravates me how much pain and suffering and heartache is taking place and people are sitting down in their living rooms wondering if God wants them to go or not. 
Do you not hear that? Do you not see it? He doesn't have to call you audibly. He doesn't have to pull you physically. 
-Today 24,000 children under five will die of preventable causes such as diarrhoea, malaria and pneumonia.

-Every day, more than 7,500 children under the age of five die as a result of under-nutrition.
-Almost 1 billion people don't have access to safe drinking water and 3.575 million people, mostly children, die every year from water-related diseases.
-The number of us living with HIV today is around 33.4 million, 68% in Sub-Saharan Africa.
- There are about 250,000 children currently serving in armed conflicts for both rebel groups and government forces in various Asian countries, parts of Latin America, the Middle East, Europe and most critically in Africa.

-Between 158 million and 218 million children aged 5 to 14 are engaged in child labour – that’s at least one in six children in our world. At least 126 million of these kids are involved in hazardous work.

-Close to 1 million people commit suicide throughout our world each year which exceeds both annual total homicides and annual deaths by war combined.
-90% of child deaths in Ethiopia alone are preventable
-Pregnancy related deaths are the leading cause of deaths worldwide for girls aged 15 – 19.  

Have you ever heard God cry? 
I want you to. I think it would change you. I know it's changed me.
I think if you heard God weep you would never doubt again doubt your call to help. 
I made this video without fully realizing what it entailed, but now as I look at it I understand better.
This is your call. This is a chance to do something - to change those statistics.
Check this out:
Want other ways to get involved? There are tons, literally. Check some of the links out below.
Don't let this be something you read and then go on with your life as it was.
Do something.