Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sometimes words are useless.

It's done. Finished. Complete. Over.
It's a weird feeling mixed with a drained feeling. All my summer's work is pretty much wrapped up, tied away neatly in two weeks of experience and exposure that will stay with me for the rest of my life - the first camps I put together, ever.
I'm exhausted and needless to say, very tired. Being sleep-deprived for two straight weeks can definitely take it's toll. It's more like being sleep-deprived while trying to remain in responsibility of large groups of minors. Activities. Services. Management.
But it's done, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The way things played out have given me so much experience. I've learned so much and I know it's only the beginning.

This is more of a thanks for coming along with me on this journey. I couldn't have done it by myself. There are so many people who helped, labored, and worked extremely hard to make the past 2 weeks a huge success, so thank you: staff, interns, neighboring churches, pastors, leaders, counselors, CITs, and those who stepped in when we needed it. Those last minute sign ups and counselors made everything come together completely.
Thank you for partnering with me.
Thank you for being my friend.
Thank you for listening when I was trying to hold it all together and thanks for sticking around anyways.
Sometimes words are useless, and it may just be the sleep deprivation, but when I try to appropriately express my thanks it seems almost mediocre in light of how much you really helped and accomplished.


I also need to express a special thanks to my best friend who fought for my sanity and helped me to maintain my balance in life with both work and you know, living. There's nothing like having someone like that around. She's the best. Also to my family who spurred me on to accomplish this goal and believed in me every step of the way.

Next stop: Ecuador.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My life this summer.

Everything is moving so fast! I thought the summer would drag on, but in reality everything that so many people have been working so hard for is speeding right towards us! In case you didn't know, camps are right around the corner. I figured since this is my last full week of normal-ish office hours before everything takes off, I would like to explain to you what this has all meant to me and how these camps are going to take off. I don't see myself having massive amounts of time in the next few weeks between camps, my online summer courses, and a missions trip to Ecuador.

Planning these camps has been a massive amount of work and endless hours of planning. I don't remember ever feeling so drained or tired. Who knew working and planning in an office and thinking of every possible scenario could use so much energy? So much time, effort, and prayer has gone into each step and decision made. I really didn't have a complete understanding of what it took for the planning, and I know that's only a fraction compared to what it will take during the actual camps.

I feel that this form of ministry is something that God has called me to, along with conventions and conferences. I'm not one to speak so boldly about my specific call into ministry, because it is VERY specific, but when the opportunity came across for me to be able to have so much involvement in camps back in my city, I jumped at it. No, jumping isn't even the word. I asked for it. Literally. I asked to have that responsibility, because I wanted it.
Seriously. I did. I still do.

I know the impact a camp/conference/convention can have on a life. Sometimes all it takes is one night and everything in that life changes. Someone can accept Jesus into their lives for the first time. Someone can experience healing for the first time. Someone can get to the next level with God after years of feeling in the same place. Some even get called into the ministry at these types of events. It's not even necessarily the events themselves, but rather the anticipation and room for God to move that makes it so life-altering and special.
I know this from experience. My life has been radically altered and challenged by camps and conventions. It's those moments that you look back on and it's so specific that your mind automatically thinks to that instant.
I was called into the ministry at a national kid's convention in elementary school.
I had the first glimpse into what I was going to do at a youth camp in 7th grade. It's also at this youth camp that I remember every single message the speaker preached. I can tell you the titles of the sermons, the way he spoke, and even how my heart melted under God's power. THAT'S how much of an impact it had on me.
I remember getting the first specifics of my call into ministry at a youth convention in my junior year in high school. I can tell you specifically how I walked up to an altar call I'm not even sure was about, but was so assured that this moment was created for God to reveal something to me. It's vivid in my mind.
I can also name numerous specific times where my heart was encouraged, broken, changed, and mended at any number of these types of events. Life-altering moments. Moments that change your direction and focus permanently.

My heart is for events like this because I know the impact they can have on a life.
I am a product of it, and I want that so badly for others. It's as if every instance I can remember and take from where God revealed something to me about my future and my call, He placed a piece of His heart in mine and sometimes I can feel it beating inside of my soul.

Having said all that, my heart, along with all my energy and efforts, is in these camps and services. I believe there can be change and connection all within a few planned days like these. I really, really do. I've seen it happen! I can't wait to see what God will do, and I'm even more expectant to hear the stories of how broken people are mended, souls are encouraged, and people get to know each other and Jesus even more, fully engulfing themselves in the body of Christ image that the Bible portrays for us to be.

I've already learned so much, and I know I'll only learn more. In the meantime, if you're reading this, know that this is my sincerest form of communication on the subject. I cannot tell you how badly I want you to come and experience everything God has for you at these events!

See what I've been up to:
CITY CAMP 2012 - JULY 8-10 (Ages 8-12):

URIM - JULY 15-19 (Ages 13-18):
(This event is open to anyone - aka all ages - during the night services at 6:30pm. It's usually packed with people from churches around the bay!)

Jeff Deyo Concert @ 5pm - July 15 ($10 a ticket):

All these events are held at: Glad Tidings Church - 1280 Webster St. San Francisco, CA. 94115

As a camp director, I had to plug it, guys. It's all I've been doing this summer.
This is my life at the moment! See you there!