Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're all looking like zombies

I keep having the phrase "remember when" pop into my head with mixed results. Now, it can be good to recall memories but on another hand it can be hard to see how things have drastically changed.
There are these times where you remember things with a sobering sense of sadness in the air and you realize, what makes me think that I can't achieve that or have that sense again? 
When did I become so mediocre that this memory seems so long ago? 
Why can't I laugh as hard or smile as big? 
Why can't I push my entire heart to the next level and run into an even fuller sprint towards the things that God has for me? 
When did I become boring?
You see, a rather large goal of mine is to never let that happen. I never want to become boring. I never want to settle down and go through life living each day "as is". The days that make up my life are my life! I want to fully indulge myself in the joy that is around me, the spontaneity that exists in every decision, and the possibility of endless adventures and results due to the pure cause of wanting to have them. 
I don't want you to expect what I am going to say. 
I want to be as random and fun loving as possible. 
I want to surprise you. 
I want you to look at me and see someone who is focused, spontaneous, and fully in love with a Creator who has helped her realize that it's ok to indulge in yourself. 
God made me this way. Why should I try to hide it?
I love being artsy. I love taking pictures. I love directing and editing short films. I love the breath of air you take in when you first step onto a beach. I love being barefoot. I love playing guitar when it's just Jesus and I. I absolutely love laughing. I love when an idea I've been working on or playing around with comes together. I love getting excited! 
I love even more that Jesus has made me what I am, takes me as I am, and loves me as I am - personality and all.    

Listen, this is your life. This is it. One run-through. 
Come on. 
Let's act like we're alive or something!

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