Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bright idea!

Hey, you! Yes, you.
You reading this right now!
Listen to me. I have the best idea bottled up in my head and I thought that I would take a moment and let you in on it. Ok.

How about I let you be you and you let me be me?

Don't faint, it's ok. This concept is not that difficult to grasp. You see, I rather like who I am at this point in time in my life. I feel that I am actually quite content in being me, and if you are quite content in being you right now as well, why should we ruin it for each other? Why do we do that?
If you've worked hard or if you haven't, if you've tried or haven't, if you've run until your energy is gone or you've sat around and let the world pass you by, it shouldn't matter.
If you're you, and you're ok with that... please
By all means
Be you.
There's only one of you, after all. So if you can't find that you and embrace it or accept it, the world will be missing out big time; because believe me when I say another you will not come around. This is it. This is you.
This is it. This is me. You let me be me,  I'll let you be you, and maybe someday in the future we'll laugh about all of this.

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