Monday, April 9, 2012

At all times.

I take note of all the different seasons I've gone through and as I look back on my life something very noticeable comes to mind: they all pass.
Every season has an end.
This is something I've been learning for a while now. It comes in more handy when you're going through a harder season. You need something to cling to, or someone.
Over and over, I try to cling to anything else that seems to make sense at the time until I'm left at a point where this is no sense in trusting and relying on anything other than Jesus Christ.
Everything changes. All the time.
I wish things could sit still for one second.
But then it wouldn't be life would it?

I hear His voice amidst the chaos.
I sense His calm in the middle of my fear.
I feel His hand reach out to mine when I begin to panic.
And I see His eyes that shout for me to trust Him.
"I am not the God of your panicked moments and crisis'," He says to me.
"I am God at all times. I am God for a lifetime."
Each time I try to resist, because who could love someone like me?
A failure. A fool. A liar and a betrayer.
He could. He does.
I see the leaves changing and the temperature is soon to follow.
I notice how my environment is shifting and all at once there is a stark contrast between my past and my present that is so obvious, I cannot help but stare.
I look up and I see Him. I look around me and I can't help but become aware of who He is.
He takes my hand and guides me into this new season, and there is a warmth inside that comes only from knowing that He is here, and that's usually all that I need to know in order for the empty places inside of me to cease being empty and rest at ease.
Uncertainty erases itself. Unease becomes peace.
Chaos becomes quiet and hope hangs confidently in the air, ready for a harsh moment to reveal all the potential and life that comes with the knowledge that my trust in Him will not prove futile.
With this in mind, I wait expectantly for new seasons.

A big shout out to friends who stick around.
You're appreciated more than words can say and loved more than I can possibly express.

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