Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A prayer for tonight.


Grant me peace when I don't understand,
And help me surrender even when I do.
Still my heart and calm my mind,
let my heart beat with Yours.
I release the hurt,
I release the pain,
I'm letting it go
Because listening to You means more than holding onto it.
When I feel undervalued,
Remind me who I am.
When others betray me,
Let me hold fast to Your truths, not theirs.
Teach me to hold things loosely in my hands,
and keep my heart sincere.
Let me never undermine or under appreciate others,
but let me see how you see them.
Teach me to show my love for You,
by loving others how You would want me to.
When I'm angered by injustice,
Remind me to take action,
so that my words might have feet to go somewhere with Your heart.
Give me courage to protect the weak,
Give me strength to endure harsh words,
and give me Your eyes so that I might understand.

I can't do this on my own.
I need you.
I deny myself.
I take up my cross,
I ask for your forgiveness
and receive it wholeheartedly,
so that I may live a life chasing after You
in the complete freedom I have the possibility to possess.
If that means I'm not in the spotlight,
let my heart yearn only for Your attention.
If that means I'm humiliated,
kill my pride.
If that means I never please anyone but You,
let me be content in that knowledge.

As I lay my head down,
and take off today,
let me release it all into Your possession:
my thoughts, memories, concerns, and worries.
Take control,
so I might have the mindset I'm supposed to have.
I give it up.
Here I am.

I surrender myself,
my heart,
my will,
my thoughts,
my secrets,
my regrets,
and my plans,
all to You.
You gave me my dreams,
and know them best.
You placed a call on my life,
and see what others cannot.
You planned my personality,
and rejoice in who I am.
Let me rejoice with You - tonight, tomorrow, and for eternity. 

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