Saturday, October 23, 2010

a Suggestion

A lot of things in life are uncertain. Many people that you thought would never change did, and I guess it's just the process of life. In these processes, there can be both negative and positive elements. With two overwhelming and strenuous opposites, it's important to remember the little things.

The "little things" doesn't imply dwelling on the past or even holding onto hopes in the future. The little things is what you have now that when added together, make an amazing viewpoint.

All I'm implying is that doing something small, or going out of your way for a small amount of time, might make the difference to someone who has these uncertainties surrounding them. Because behind a smile is usually a heartache.
I know it would help me.
A phone call, letter, text, email. A smile, friendly suggestion, Bible verse, hug. A gift, a laugh, a hope, an encouraging word. These are all things that can seriously alter a tough day that would take maybe 5 minutes tops to accomplish. Be open to giving five minutes of your time away to change the status of someone else's day entirely.

I'm pretty convinced that if everyone agreed to try this for a week, there would be monstrous change in not only our lives, but the lives of those around us.
Just a suggestion in an ever-changing, uncertain world.

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