Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a thought

   There are so many things I could talk about in concerns with my relationship with my Savior. But one thing that really struck me today is God's timing and love.
   That could sound like jibber-jabber from a typical PK going to a Bible College and getting a degree in order to go into the ministry full time. Ah, so stereotypical. Or is it? Am I just to singularly be defined by the description of being a Pastor's kid? We go through crap too, just like the rest of you so let me clear that up. I've gone through a hard valley, especially this past year, and I would like you to consider lowering your expectations of me and judgements against my character, parents, and actions as I talk frankly about the timing and love of God as a simple human being learning to be in a relationship with Jesus.
  This week has now struck me as odd, but it didn't yesterday. Sometimes you need a change of perspective to understand how faithful God is. Looking back on this week I see how God was surrounding me and trying to help me understand how supported and valuable I was not only to Him, but to other people.
  For one, four friends in particular really reached out to me all the way from California. I was talking to them more and I really felt like they were my friends. It was an amazing feeling realizing how supported I was by these friends and how much kindness could be poured out by simple texts, calls, and I.M. conversations. Secondly, God really hit me hard out of the blue two nights ago. I was walking back to my dorm alone after studying late in the library and I suddenly stopped and recognized the presence of God was walking beside me. We had an entire conversation on my walk back and once I reached my room. It was also pointed out to me on that walk back how much of a community I have here at ZBC and how so many friends are truly like family. I felt so loved. Thirdly, the Coles came to Zion to speak this week. Not only did I feel like I was talking to family, but it was so nice to speak with people who knew me, where I came from, and my home. I felt so encouraged as Glenn Cole exclaimed that he had been looking for me around campus as we talked about California and later went on to point me out and explain my family's history with his to the group he was speaking to that night. So many good things.
   And then yesterday came. Good day, great company, but something was bothering me and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I felt very strongly that God was trying to protect me from something but I couldn't figure out what. It made made me curious and scared at the same time. But once again in the timing of God, when I found out whatever it was that God was trying to protect me from, I found out when I was around good friends who supported me and helped me. An entire group gathered around me and talked with me, encouraged me, and lifted me up. My roommate and I talked late into the night as well, and later we blasted gospel music until 2 AM just to have an attitude of praise to God.

What can I tell you from this experience?
I can tell you that this could have been an ordinary week. Nothing special. The Cole's could have come any other time. My friends in Cali could have been complacent and waited until I came home to connect with me. God could have chosen not to stop me on my walk back to my dorm room. I could have uncovered what God was trying to protect me from in my room by myself in the middle of the day.

These things that happened this week were not by chance. God knew that I would need support, need friends, need care, and need a reminder of how valuable I am.
I am His daughter.
And I look back and can only exclaim to myself, what a great God I serve. One who is caring enough to look at the little things in my life and have me see them as the big things. One who planned out my week and what I would need to get me through. One who asks to have time with me when I feel I don't have time for Him. One who remains the same when I change, and still takes me as I am.
This is my Daddy, and I love Him dearly. Without Him, this week would have sucked really, really bad. I would hope that you know Him so that you understand the depths of His heart for me and for you. Because He loves us, and His timing is for a reason.

There's a lot I could say about God, but my point in this blog post? He cared enough about me to get me through yesterday, maybe He cares enough about you to get you through your tomorrow. Just a thought.

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