Monday, November 22, 2010

This is Me

I have long, brown, unmanageable hair.
I have hazel eyes.
I have very white skin upon which I have way too many freckles.
I wear contacts, which means that when I'm not wearing them I'm wearing my glasses.
I have terrible eyesight.
I barely, if ever, wear makeup. Only for special occasions.
You'll never catch me wearing a two piece bathing suit. Ever.
I don't go to the beach to swim or tan, I go there for my secret place.
I'm not a twig.
I don't have the coolest outfits and I for sure don't always look put together.
I can barely play guitar and bass. I play piano.
People enjoy my songs more than I do.
You might never see me smiling bigger than on a Friday night with my youth in SF.
I'm half Italian and half German. I was born in Africa and I have an Asian name.
I don't get it either.
I can be strong and stubborn, but you might never know that I'm sensitive and vulnerable.
Education is a very big priority to me. I'm finishing my BA in four years and nothing is going to stop me from accomplishing that. I want my degree. What that degree is in...
I am very loyal to my friends. If you need me, I'll be there.
I've made mistakes.
I have a heart for the nations. My calling is international.
I believe in common courtesy and respect for human life. You don't leave people hanging and ignore their existence. Everyone is valuable.
Promises are important to me. Don't say something to me and then change your mind later. Your word is all you have.

God made me this way, and He loves me as is.

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