Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Night

A good night conversation with my Daddy- the King of Kings, Master, Ruler, Giver, Friend, Commander, and Lover of my Soul:
"Hi Daddy. I love you. I wonder sometimes how you bear to love me. I mess up and I fail a lot," I whisper quietly.
"I love you, Child," I hear Him say.
"I love You too. Can I rest?"I ask shyly, looking down with my cheeks getting red.
And He nods. I climb up onto my Father's lap and lay my head on His shoulder. His arms engulf me and I smile to myself.
"I love talking to you like this. I wish I could just stay here all the time," I say in a content tone.
God smiles as I breathe deeply and I feel His smile over me.
"I love You," I say, almost drifting off to sleep.
"I love you more then you will ever know- More than you know now, more than you will ever know in the future and more than you have ever realized," He says back to me. I take a moment and let that sink in. I have my own personal "Selah" times with God every now and again. "More than you will ever know" He says to me again.
"It's supposed to snow tomorrow," I say in a silly tone and then I laugh. I'm not ashamed of what I say because God knows who I am and He fully understands me. In fact, He appreciates my qualities and openness to be who I am with Him. He made me this way, after all.
I go on to tell Him about what's on my mind. My thoughts - everything from the weather to how I'm feeling and I end with a very serious thought that He doesn't respond to.
And God doesn't have to answer. Sometimes He just lets me talk. Sometimes all I feel and know with such certainty is that He's listening. And sometimes... that's all I needed to know in the first place.

Goodnight world.

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