Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Real Talk

I guess it is when you fully put aside yourself (your wants, needs, satisfactions, desires) and put someone else in front of you (that maybe doesn't deserve it, need it, or even has significantly done damage) that you understand the real meaning of what it is to love.
What you do with it all, of course, is the big wisdom factor. But how you react ...

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  1. Just so. I would say (though) that most people (and I mainly speak of myself) have a natural tendency to think of love as a desiring affection (natural- no effort on your part),.... but to look at love as not thinking of yourself-but placing others' "wants, needs, satisfactions, desires" above your own..... isn't that "the real meaning of what it is to love?" That's good that you've reminded us what it is to really love-we need that. Thank you for the post!