Sunday, December 12, 2010

Officially Declared

So this December seems to be passing me by faster then any I can remember. It's already the 12th? When did all that happen? This week finals begins and then on the 21st I'm flying home. I'm really excited for this semester to be over with and for break to be here so some serious relaxing can occur.
I have my schedule for next semester and it's a doozy to even look at. I'm taking on 19 credits.  I keep reminding myself that that's not set in stone. I can always change it or drop a class next semester if things get to out of hand.
On a pretty nifty note, I declared my major for my BA altogether! This is a big deal! I finally know what I'm doing with my college stuff for now :) It feels awesome.
Currently I'm sitting in my overheated room with the fan on, typing away and eating Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses (who knew such a wonderful invention existed?). Kayla is sprawled upon my floor out cold. She spent most of the weekend in here and slept over last night as well, so my room is very cozy with blankets and pillows on the floor (I love it). It's raining outside and the chilly weather has definitely hit (it was 12 degrees at some point last week). I'm about to embark on another finals or homework related task and I can't help thinking: How lucky am I?
This is my life. Thank you, Jesus. 


  1. Can't wait to see you! Glad you're having a cozy weekend :-) so what's the official major?

  2. candy cane kisses are the bestest thing ever! go tabby! good luck on finals!!!!!!

  3. Double majoring with Biblical Studies and World Missions :)