Friday, July 8, 2011


I can't believe my time in Ireland is coming to a close. Really? I've learned so much, been around the greatest people you could ever imagine, and seen God in a brand new way. I've loved it! 
This week was the I ♡ Derry festival and Kids Week, which to say the least made a very hectic week. All the same, it was amazing. I had the opportunity to help a band do music for the kid's services and it was so much fun! I really enjoyed it. About 300 kids showed up each day and with a group of over 100 Americans helping out, the place was pretty full! Here's a glimpse of the service atmosphere:

One of the main things that God has really grown in me this week (and month!) is a love for kids, kid's ministry, and just a new appreciation for being around them. It was therapeutic for me in many ways (also, living with five kids might have helped too). I know that's weird to say, but I think I see it now as necessary and God saw it as necessary and knew exactly why. Isn't He just the best? Some of these kids just really captured my heart. I had this awesome opportunity to speak in kid's church last Sunday in enough time to tell two stories from my life. I knew the kid's really understood and listened because even today I had them coming up to me and talking about the stories, and even asking me questions about them! One of the little girls wanted me to tell them to her again! 

Well... a quick farewell, Ireland. It's been class. I'm scared that if I think about it too much I might get too sad for my own good. See you on Monday, America!  

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