Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The wait.

This thing just keeps popping to mind during all this waiting to happen. Waiting to fully heal. Waiting to graduate college. Waiting to go home. Waiting for that person. Waiting for summer. Waiting for ... life. 
Waiting, waiting, waiting. 
I can't help but think when I get to where I'm supposed to be in the future, I will think to myself that all that waiting was worth it. 
When I'm finally home I'll think that it was right timing. When I graduate, I'll probably want to go back in time. When I have someone to be with, I'll probably realize why I waited so long because it'll be like nothing else I've ever been involved in (in a good way, or course). 
And so what to do in the meantime? I just enjoy this moment. I enjoy this semester. I soak up every time I encounter God's presence and I meditate on each thing that He is trying to teach me. And maybe after all that growth and patience is created in me, I'll be the person who I'm supposed to be when that stuff happens. 
Photo cred; isaiahbeiser.com

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