Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm here.

There are moments in time when you stop an realize that whatever is happening is special. Maybe in a conversation with someone you don't know very well, this fact will hit you, like it hit me today or maybe on a simple stroll while you have an open heart. It's during those moments the thought comes to my mind: "Was this specific space in time planned out for me?"

Walking out of my 2 hour class this past Friday morning, I made my way to the chapel for service. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening. No fireworks, special speakers about to speak, or specific "Holy Spirit high" that I can think of.
I was literally just walking to my next period when I heard the slight and subtle rustle of leaves through the  trees by the wind. It got my attention and it seemed like the entire world and all the sound that accompanied it faded out slowly. I glanced up at that wind and saw it make it's way through a nearby tree and heard that slight, cool breeze once again. I slowly glanced away and as I did, in my heart, as still and soft as could be I heard God whisper: "I'm here"

It made me stop. It wasn't loud or obvious, bold or big. It was small, peaceful, and very quiet. I felt such comfort in those two simple words. God was concerned for me and He knew exactly what was going to reach me and what would be the most effective.
It reminded me of that verse in the Bible in I Kings, I think where God wasn't in all of the loud happenings, but the still small voice.
And so I thought, "How many of these moments have I missed before?" Because I want to have more of them on a regular basis.

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