Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why hello there

Sometimes, everything just hurts. Really, really bad. Who knows about pain? Heartache?
The real stuff. You want genuine? You want honest? You want the real?
Things hurt. You want specific? People hurt. They hurt me. They hurt you. They just hurt sometimes.
Pain is such a funny thing to inflict on each other, and it burns. It doesn't just come for a minute and then get back in the car and drive away. It doesn't throw a newspaper at your door and then bike off. It likes to slowly wade in while you aren't necessarily prepared for it. It will ring your doorbell, and at the first sight that you have at it you'll double back as if someone punched you in the stomach. You'll try to close the door but you're too weak. Punch after punch after punch. And maybe all this pain and punching in the stomach isn't necessarily relevant to the exact second where Pain's fist collides with your body.

Sometimes the damage that Pain inflicts is joined with his friend, Memories. The two like to gang up together sometimes, of course. They would. They work really well together.

So here you are, caught off guard at your front door with Pain and Memories repeatedly injuring you in the gut. They don't necessarily mean to. It's not completely their fault. You have to feel a little bad for such terrible creatures that create such perfect, awful harmony together. If only their roles could be used for the better. If only the notes that they create music with could end in a happy, positive way instead of a remnant of such heartache. It's the difference between sunshine and rain, good news and bad, a smile or a scowl.
Ah, the controversy of it all!
They mean well, too. They don't always come your way in order to ruin your outlook. They were once really quite innocent when you first had them, maybe even enrapturing. They had you right from the start, but the bad thing about it is that they still have you now.

I'd much rather be happy, friends. If you know me at all you know this to be true. I love to laugh and get excited. I love when it's sunny outside and you can hear the ocean waves in the distance. So I'm looking at Pain and Memories in the face right now and saying: What the heck?!
Not the most poetical of statements, to be sure.
But sometimes you just have to be frustrated at them for coming back to haunt you.
It's natural.
It's understandable.

It's ok to be frustrated.

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